Bubbleye automates your mobile user acquisition, maximizing LTV

Our sentient AI centralizes and optimizes your marketing spend across channels, 24/7, more effectively than humans could ever do.

An eye out for you

Always vigilant, Bubbleye scans numerous traffic feeds for you, capturing your best suited audience around the clock.

Let Bubbleye drive highly engaged users through its AI trio:

  1. Qualitative publisher and user ranking based on granular game features
  2. Real time performance review and automated steering
  3. Bubbleye’s proprietary FraudShield© protection

These algorithms automate and optimize your user acquisition campaigns across different traffic sources, while allowing you to seamlessly join the action through a centralized dashboard.


Enabling unprecedented UA automation

The industry’s most advanced
audience intelligence…

To put it simply, we know what people like. We analyze big and tiny data to predict each user’s tastes in key dimensions as theme, art style, pace, type of play, controls. We then adjust and refine that picture in real time, based on live behavioral data, anonymously and in compliance with the strictest privacy standards.

…Paired with tireless
media buying automation

Sit back and relax. Let our engine leverage its unique insights to run and optimize your ad campaigns, automatically, at the lowest possible cost: our algorithms continually analyze your users’ performance, and tune their targeting decisions in real time, until your performance goals are beaten.

Rest safe with FraudShield©

Fraud fight champion, Bubbleye’s FraudShield© identifies irregularities in your advertising traffic, ranking each traffic source, publisher and device by estimated reputation.

While running your campaigns, reputation scores help Bubbleye predict the value of each ad slot and avoid buying worthless inventory.

Once installs are generated, Bubbleye keeps looking for fraud clues, identifies suspicious patterns in user behavior and reports them within milliseconds.

Your trusted whale hunter

At your service, Bubbleye helps you spot users that monetize, wherever they are.
It delivers them to you 24/7, hassle-free.
Safely guarded from malicious attacks.