World’s First User Acquisition Auto-pilot

Are you advertising mobile apps or games? Not satisfied with your ROI? Time to call in the beast!

King of the digital oceans, the Kraken devours fraudsters and crushes advertising costs. Only true and engaged users survive its rage.

Bubbleye Kraken is the world’s first programmatic, fully automated and transparent Autopilot for performance advertising¬†(CPI & CPA).

Set your ROI goals and let the Kraken smash anything in its way to beat those goals. In all countries, on all channels. The Kraken’s tentacular AI controls all your performance campaigns, lifting your ROI around the clock.

Screens micro data. Reacts. Realtime.

The Kraken’s patented AI continually optimizes all of your advertising settings across all countries and channels, relentlessly boosting your ROI 24/7. While crunching fraudsters as a tasty snack.

Incessantly listening to real-time user performance signals, the Kraken immediately identifies fraud, inefficiencies, underperforming traffic, and profitable user pockets. And responds with corrective actions within the split of a second.

Integrated with all your data partners

The Kraken is pre-integrated with your advertising channels, as well as your attribution and measurement partners. Server-to-server APIs keep feeding the Kraken’s omniscient brain with realtime anonymous performance data, and allow for immediate corrective actions on all your active campaigns. In real time, and fully GDPR compliant.


Full featured campaign + creative + publisher management, across networks & countries, through one unified console


The Kraken never goes to sleep. Its patented AI continually adjusts all campaign settings for you, second after second, maximizing your ROI 24/7.


The Kraken detects fraud across channels, in real time. It prevents you from buying fraudulent installs and helps you get refunds.

Are you ready for evolution?

Try the Kraken free! Watch its tentacles drag fraud down into the abyss, smash your ad costs and hurl your revenue to the sky.