Email Reporting

Emails are to be sent to If data cannot be produced in the format shown, please contact to discuss and arrange a possible alternative format that would suit both parties.

Supported Dimensions

  • network: Name of the network the campaign was run on. Please refer to the Kraken Networks tab for a full list of names.
    • Examples: ironSource, Unity, AppLovin
  • app: Bundle (Android) or iTunes ID (iOS) of your app or game
    • Examples: com.rovio.angrybirds, id880047117
  • campaign_name: Name of the campaign exactly as reported by the attribution partner 
    • Example: AppLovin_campaignA
  • geo: Two letter country code of the targeted country
    • Examples: US, DE, JP
  • pub_id: The ID of the publisher (sometimes called sub-publisher) or Site ID as reported by the Network and attribution partner. This value should be sent as a string.
    • Examples: 123456, abc123
  • installed_at: [Required for revenue and active users, optional for other metrics] The date and time of the user’s install. The time format can be flexible based on your system. Coarsest granularity is date (YYYY-MM-DD). Contact your AM for additional formatting options.
    • Example: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • created_at: The date and time when the revenue was generated. Coarsest granularity is date (YYYY-MM-DD). Contact your AM for additional formatting options.
    • Example: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • creative_type: one of either “standard” or “playable”. “standard” is for all videos, rewarded video, static interstitials or static banners. “playable” is for interactive playable ads.
  • creative_id [Optional]: The creative name or ID as reported by the attribution platform.
    • Example: creative1

Supported Metrics

  • revenue: The total amount of revenue for the relative dimensions (date/time, network, campaign etc). Value must be in USD.
    • Example: 0.23456
  • installs: The count of installs for the given dimension
  • spend: Spend as recorded by network
  • events: The count of events for given dimensions
  • active_users: The count of unique app opens for the given dimensions


Example of CSVs can also be found in this Google Sheet Example

Example Install Table:

Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAUSpubid1232019-06-26 9:56:23standard4creative1
ironSource123456AppLovin_campaignBJPpub1232019-06-26 9:57:34playable3creative1
Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAJPpub7892019-06-26 9:58:45standard2creative1
Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAGBpub5672019-06-26 9:59:56standard4creative2

Example Events Table:

Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAUSpubid1232019-06-26 9:56:12standardaf_tutorial3creative1
ironSource123456AppLovin_campaignBJPpub1232019-06-26 9:56:23playablelevel1_complete2
Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAJPpub7892019-06-26 9:56:34standardaf_tuorial4
Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAGBpub5672019-06-26 9:56:45standardaf_tutorial6creative2

Example Revenue Table:

Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAUSpubid1232019-06-23 8:26:452019-06-26 9:56:12standard0.02432142creative1
ironSource123456AppLovin_campaignBJPpub1232019-06-25 9:56:122019-06-26 9:57:23playable0.02432142
Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAJPpub7892019-04-23 9:56:232019-06-26 9:58:34standard0.02432142
Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAGBpub5672019-06-25 9:56:342019-06-26 9:59:45standard0.02432142creative2

Example Retention Table:

Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAUSpubid1232019-04-20 8:26:162019-06-26 9:56:12standard1creative1
ironSource123456AppLovin_campaignBJPpub1232019-05-22 8:22:252019-06-26 9:57:23playable1
Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAJPpub7892019-05-19 8:26:342019-06-26 9:58:34standard2
Applovincom.exampe.gameAppLovin_campaignAGBpub5672019-06-23 8:26:562019-06-26 9:59:45standard1creative2

Ad Revenue Notes

  • Specifically for Ad Revenue emails, the email subject should include “Kraken Ad Revenue Report”, as well as the Android bundle / iOS iTunes ID. Eg “Kraken Ad Revenue Report com.example.bundle”
  • Ad Revenue emails are expected to report a list of ad revenue events attributed to their ad campaign of origin – ie. the campaign that generated the install which is now producing ad impressions.
  • Ad Revenue reports should be formatted as a CSV attached to each email, where each row of the table groups ad revenue for any custom granularity, at most for a 24-hour period.
  • If you’d like to send raw ad impression events and need help attributing ad revenue to a specific ad campaign, we recommend injecting ad revenue through our In-App Event Postback API instead. It will be automatically attributed by the Kraken.