ironSource Managed Accounts

  1. Connect Bubbleye Kraken ( with your ironSource AM
    1. For managed accounts this is the last step, Bubbleye will work with the AM to add Kraken to your ironSource account

ironSource Self-Serve Accounts

  1. Get the Kraken user email from a Bubbleye Kraken representative or Bubbleye Dash
  2. Go to your ironSource dashboard > User Management
  1. Click “New User”

  1. Enter the Username/password. 
    1. Note the password must be shared back to Bubbleye, so choose something you’re comfortable with sharing

  1. If using AppsFlyer: forward your “advertiserId” and “password” to Bubbleye. It may be easiest to obtain them from your AF Dashboard.
  1. Save & Notify Bubbleye to check the configuration