Unity Ads

  1. Get the Kraken email from a Bubbleye representative or Bubbleye Dash
  2. Input the email into your Unity Ads organization.
  3. Assign “manager” permissions which enables reports and campaign management.
  4. Connect Kraken (ops@bubbleye.com)  via email to your account manager. We will help you get opted into some of the advanced Unity features we will use.

Service Account Setup

Once Unity has enabled your account, you can add a Service Account to your account, set the settings, and share with us your keys.

First, navigate to the Service Account section from your API Management screen or Settings.

Next click “Create Service Account” and give it any name you prefer such as “Bubbleye”.

Enable Organizational Roles: All but API Admin and Monetization.

Finally, press “Create Secret Keys” and share the following with your Bubbleye AM:

  1. key_id
  2. secret_key