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Beyond GPT-4: Microsoft Invests in Mistral’s Next-Gen AI

Microsoft has entered into a groundbreaking multiyear partnership with Mistral, a promising French AI startup valued at €2 billion. This collaboration marks Microsoft’s second major AI partnership following its significant $10 billion investment in OpenAI.

The partnership entails Microsoft integrating Mistral’s cutting-edge open and commercial language models into its Azure AI platform, making Mistral the second entity, after OpenAI, to offer a commercial language model on Azure.

Mistral is unveiling its new AI model, Mistral Large, poised to rival OpenAI’s GPT-4 model in terms of capabilities. However, unlike Mistral’s previous models, Mistral Large will not be open source.

It’s touted to deliver impressive results on standard benchmarks, ranking it as the world’s second-leading model available via an API, just after GPT-4. Additionally, Mistral is launching a new conversational chatbot, Le Chat, leveraging various models from Mistral AI.

This partnership not only opens up new commercial avenues for Mistral but also signifies Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to leading in AI innovation, amidst the recent turbulence with OpenAI.

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How to skip tax on App Store & Google Play


Genie AI Turns Ideas into Playable Games

Google DeepMind’s Genie, a generative AI, can create playable games from simple prompts, learning from over 200,000 hours of gameplay videos. This AI model represents a leap in generative interactive environments, capable of turning any image or idea into a 2D platformer, showcasing the potential for AI in creating diverse, action-controllable virtual worlds.

Sora: From Text Prompts to Cinematic Realities

OpenAI’s Sora heralds a new era in content production, and that will soon be true for advertising creatives too. This breakthrough technology, currently in selective early access, enables unprecedented efficiency and creativity in crafting compelling and on-brand video content from text prompts. Stay tuned to see how cutting edge solutions like Bubbleye.AI leverage this to your advantage.

Next-Gen AI Imaging: Stable Diffusion 3’s Leap Forward

Programmatic advertising is gaining momentum in the gaming industry, particularly for user acquisition. This cutting-edge technology is on a rapid rise, with projections estimating its value in the gaming sector to soar to $17.6 billion by 2030. Read the article to discover how it’s going to shape the future of gaming marketing!

The Highs And Lows of Apple Vision Pro

From The Verge, author Sean Hollister shares insights on the Apple Vision Pro. Described as the ultimate consumer headset, it impresses with its technology and seamless Apple ecosystem integration. However, challenges such as high costs, tracking issues, and an isolating user experience temper its acclaim.

Apple Enhances iMessage for Quantum Security

Apple is preparing for the “quantum apocalypse” with a major iMessage update, introducing PQ3 technology to safeguard messages against potential quantum computing threats. This significant cryptographic security upgrade aims to provide the strongest protection for any major messaging platform, ensuring user conversations remain secure.

Goodbye Google Pay Hello Google Wallet

Google has announced the discontinuation of the Google Pay app in the US, with plans to shut it down by June 4, 2024. Users are encouraged to switch to Google Wallet, which offers similar features. This transition aligns with Google’s strategy to streamline its payment services and enhance user experience with Google Wallet.

Angry Birds AR Immersive Gaming Evolution

Angry Birds has launched a new Augmented Reality (AR) mode, offering an immersive first-person experience that allows users to navigate the game’s world through their social media platforms. The initiative is part of a broader trend, with AR increasingly becoming a staple in advertising strategies for engaging consumers more deeply.

Epic Games to Reintroduce Fortnite on iOS

Epic Games plans to launch its Epic Games Store and Fortnite on iOS across Europe this year, operating from its Swedish office, Epic Games Sweden AB. This move comes as the new Digital Markets Act allows alternative app stores on platforms like Apple’s App Store. Epic aims to leverage this opportunity to reintroduce Fortnite and its game store to European iOS users.

Apple’s War for its 30% Revenue Share

The mobile games industry is at a crossroads due to Apple’s steadfast 30% App Store revenue share and privacy policy changes, leading to tensions with developers and regulatory challenges worldwide. Recent court rulings offer a glimmer of change, but Apple’s adaptations prompt further debate.


Posts that caught our attention

CEO & co-founder at The AppsFlyer Rocketship, Oren Kaniel, shares his transformative journey from skepticism to visionary entrepreneurship. Initially doubting Apple’s potential against Blackberry, a single night with an iPhone in 2010 reshaped his future. Captivated by its innovative capabilities, he resolved to dive into the app revolution, birthing AppsFlyer in 2011. Oren emphasizes the power of challenging assumptions, embracing the lessons from mistakes, and the importance of staying current with technological advancements. Distinguishing genuine innovation from fleeting trends was crucial. Reflecting on the ‘what ifs’ of earlier discovery, he appreciates the timing and luck that played into AppsFlyer’s success, advocating for playing the cards you’re dealt with determination and no Plan B. #Entrepreneurship #Innovation #AppsFlyerStory

By Oren Kaniel | See post >


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