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  • Apple’s App Store Split in Response to EU’s Digital Markets Act
  • Supreme Court’s Decision in Epic v. Apple Case
  • Google’s Cookie Policy Overhaul and Its Impact
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App Store to be ‘split in two’ ahead of EU iPhone sideloading deadline

Apple is set to ‘split’ its App Store into two distinct versions in anticipation of the European Union’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA). As reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, this move is a response to EU requirements allowing app sideloading.

Key Developments:

→ The EU version of the App Store will be separate from the global version.
→ Apple has until March 7 to comply with the DMA.
→ Apple’s CEO Tim Cook discussed these changes with the EU’s antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager.

Implications of the DMA:

→ Allows third-party app stores.
→ Permits app sideloading.
→ Let developers use alternative payment systems.

Adding to this, European developers now face a new “core technology fee” of 0.5 EUR for each app install, applicable only when installs exceed 1 million. This count includes not just new users but also returning users and every app update, creating a significant cost impact for developers in the region. This fee represents another layer of complexity for European developers navigating the changing digital landscape.

This change is a significant shift in how the App Store and Apple services like FaceTime and Siri will operate in Europe.

Check the article →


Billion revenue phenomenon: Monopoly Go


Mobile gaming: M&A trends and predictions

Dive into the evolving landscape post-COVID, with a focus on the sector’s growth, M&A activity recovery, and mobile gaming’s dominance. Explore challenges like Apple’s ATT and Google’s Privacy Sandbox, and get expert predictions for 2024. A must-read for understanding the future of mobile gaming!

Gaming Marketers Embrace Programmatic Ads

Programmatic advertising is gaining momentum in the gaming industry, particularly for user acquisition. This cutting-edge technology is on a rapid rise, with projections estimating its value in the gaming sector to soar to $17.6 billion by 2030. Read the article to discover how it’s going to shape the future of gaming marketing!

Take-Two Bet $12 Billion on Zynga

Explore the challenges and risks faced by Take-Two Interactive in their $12 billion acquisition of Zynga amidst a declining mobile games market. This article covers the implications of this major deal, the impact of changing consumer habits post-COVID, and Apple’s privacy updates affecting player acquisition.

Pine Games Secures $2.25M for Istanbul Mobile Gaming

Pine Games’ recent funding success and strategic focus on developing intellectual property-based puzzle games for a wide audience is noteworthy. The company’s innovative approach addresses user acquisition challenges and aims to create enduring gaming experiences. This aligns with the evolving digital landscape, highlighting their commitment to crafting games that captivate and engage players over time.


Posts that caught our attention

Supreme Court Boosts Developer Freedom in Epic v. Apple

The Supreme Court’s decision to not hear the Epic v. Apple appeal upholds a crucial victory for game developers, allowing them to direct customers to non-IAP purchasing methods. This change paves the way for more assertive in-app and email marketing strategies, leading to potential revenue boosts as seen in Playtika’s case. The industry is now poised to observe how developers will creatively leverage this new level of autonomy.

By Philip Black | See post >

Ad Creatives in UA: Live Discussion with Experts

Join Saikala Sultanova and experts Adam Smart and Piyush Mishra in a live ‘In the Sandbox with…’ episode, focusing on the crucial role of Ad Creatives in User Acquisition. They will delve into innovative strategies amidst mobile privacy evolution and highlight the importance of cross-team collaboration for shaping successful gaming ventures. Tune in on Monday, 22 Jan at 14:10 GMT to gain valuable insights into the gaming industry’s marketing innovations.

By Saikala Sultanova | See post >

Chrome’s Cookie Shift: Impact on Digital Advertising

Google’s phased restriction of third-party cookies in Chrome, starting with 1% of users this January and expanding to all by Q3, signals a major shift in the digital advertising landscape. Given Chrome’s dominance in global web traffic, this change will significantly impact the digital advertising ecosystem. While the impact is substantial, it’s important to note that third-party cookie deprecation is specific to certain segments. For instance, Safari and Firefox have already blocked them, and mobile app advertising doesn’t rely on cookies.

By Eric Seufert | See post >


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