Current & Future Use Cases for Automation In Your User Acquisition Strategy

As part of our Bubbles of Wisdom Series of UA expert interviews, we were delighted to be joined by Carole Le Van, Co-founder of Potato Play after managing user acquisition at Ubisoft, WarGaming & Gameloft.

Over the next week, we will be releasing 11 video snippets with Carole’s insights into User Acquisition, Gaming & mobile applications. You can also listen to the interview in full via podcast here.

In this first post, we hear from Carole on her thoughts around automation within user acquisition, what elements should be prioritized when using automation, and why. We also touch on how to get started with automation and the future of work within UA, blending technologies to support human input.

The Future Of Automation Within User Acquisition

Automation is a key element to consider for all UA teams, releasing human potential by removing manual and repetitive tasks. In order to implement this within a UA team, you may start by automating performance reporting to enable a quick overview of the results from the previous day. Then you may review this data, analyze and act accordingly to adjust budgets, follow trends, etc. Another area that is advantageous to add automation within is bid tuning/adjustment. Some of the larger networks offer their own algorithms for doing so but it is sometimes preferable to utilize third party tools that automate bid adjustments across both larger and smaller networks alike.

Creatives are another area that can benefit from AI, specifically to analyze the performance of specific elements within the video or playable ad. In the future, automation should be able to scan all elements of your creative and make recommendations on which elements should be included for optimal performance. The holy grail would consist in automated creative generation, and automatic attachment of these creatives to the networks that are best suited based on historical and real-time learnings.

How To Get Started With Automation

Pinpoint the repetitive daily activities which are essential to your business but a machine could be performing for you. Any aspect of the UA funnel where your human eye is not adding significant value should be automated. This will give your team time and resources to focus on areas where they can truly deliver differential value.

Which Areas Of User Acquisition Should Be Prioritized For Automation

This will depend on the stage of growth you are at with your mobile app. Going from coarse to granular is recommended: alerting systems and cross-channel budget allocation systems are good to start with. As you increase your investment, you’ll want to be simultaneously increasing your profitability: automation will increasingly save time and enable stable scalability.

Source level optimization and new traffic explanation is another great target for automation as it requires continuous data processing at a very granular level, and when done right it can enable continued growth. Creatives A/B testing and automation of creative production would be another great way to fine-tune your UA process. 


Carole Le Van is the Co-Founder of Potato Play, after previously managing UA at Gameloft, Wargaming, and Ubisoft. If you would like to know more about Carole & Potato Play, please visit her UA Wavemaker profile page.

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