The Importance of Creative Strategy & Process within UA, Heightened by a Changing Industry Landscape

In the final part of Carole Le Van’s Bubbles of Wisdom expert interview, we focus on creative strategy and workplace reviews to analyze the best areas to optimize performance through resources or technology. How the game of UA has changed since the increased privacy measures imposed by Apple and her biggest learning point from working within the gaming industry as a user acquisition expert. 

If you missed the first two parts of Carole’s interview you can view these by clicking on the links below, we are also delighted to provide you with the full interview via podcast

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How to Manage Decreased Tracking Measures & Data for iOS Applications 

Decreased tracking measures will increase the gap between the games/companies with a large audience and those trying to establish a core following. Since little data can be shared between networks, publishers and advertisers will lead to a higher value on individual data collection both past and present. This will become the crux of obtaining and retaining users and provide a guide for the most valuable sources. Private deals between advertisers will also become more valuable. 

Using a Creative Mix on Different Channels

Video and playable ads are key for mobile gaming, you need to show your gameplay and key insight into the fun of it. However, banners can be good as a reminder after a user has played your game or seen gameplay advertisements. Channel management should be done according to your own team’s capabilities and resources, you should test as much as possible and maintain an interaction cycle with the use of analytical performance-based data.

Biggest Learning Moment Throughout A Career in UA

As part of a UA team, you will lose time and efficiency if you try to do everything yourself. You should be happy to utilize other members of your team, tools, and information available. Automation technology is there to help. It is important to trust your judgment but also share your decisions with others and learn from the UA community both internally and externally. This allows you to focus on your best attributes, and supplement your skills with technology and the skills of others.

Carole’s Holy Grail for User Acquisition

There isn’t a silver bullet to solve all problems. You should look at what are the most time-consuming elements each week, then prioritize what are the most beneficial to the advancement of your user base. You can then align resources or use dedicated technology to increase efficiency in areas of true benefit.


Carole Le Van is the Co-Founder of Potato Play, after previously managing UA at Gameloft, WarGaming, and Ubisoft. If you would like to know more about Carole & Potato Play, please visit her UA Wavemaker profile page.

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